Sunday, January 1, 2012

Piss Poor Palantir Prognostications

This is my crystal ball.  I can only see into the future about as far as the end of my nose.  But, like the "crystal ball" in the above picture, I can see reflections of myself and what makes me nervous.

The game that is still afoot in the Middle East, something is going to be happening there soon, and it isn't going to be us leaving Afghanistan.  Iran is a master at the rope-a-dope and I would say that we are pretty gassed right now.  Israel is getting twitchy.  We are heading into an election year where idiocy abounds.  None of these conditions lends itself to a rational resolution.

I think that the idea of "to big to fail" will prove itself false.   The most likely suspect is Bank of America, but there is so much grand larceny and theft going on that there are no banks in the big five that is immune to a Dodd-Frank liquidation.  Which will probably end up meaning that on of the other big boys will hoover up what limited assets are available and get going on doubling down on their losing bets.

I don't think the Euro will go down this year.   There is a whole bunch of stuff running and we will have to wait for the middle act to get done before we start the final act.  The little dickhead Sarkozy will have to run and I see him going down.  Hollande will take a while to begin the process of pissing off the Germans.  I see the next big move at the extreme end of 2012.

I see another year of muddling through by hook or crook here in the good old USA.   The politicians have every desire to keep things together.  You don't burn down the stage where you are performing your theatre of the absurd.  So we will continue spending money, we won't bother to tax people, we will go deeper into the hole, and we won't make any decisions.

I do see a remote possibility of a third party candidate a la Ross Perot.

I have no earthly clue who is going to be our next President.  The Republicans are trying their level best to find the oddest person in America to be their candidate.  The Democrats are always stupid.

Dow will bottom out around 8300.

Raiders will finally get 11 wins.

The financial community will become even more blatantly larcenous.

A bank holiday in the US or Europe this year??  Most likely suspect is the UK.

I think that the suppression of the #occupy movement when it tries to restart in the spring will be huge and obvious.  The cops have not been sitting on their hands, they will have infiltrated and will be prepared.  I would steer clear from things for a while.

Other than that folks, I got nothin'.  I am not even certain about these.  The world is a big-bad puzzle right now.  I just don't know.

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Craig Cavanaugh said...

All we can do is read the writing on the wall. Things will get "interesting", that's for sure...