Friday, February 17, 2012

I am OK with this

Consider a moment this little tidbit.

I am personally sick of every halfwit who reads an article in the national enquirer and feels that they are now a practicing physician.  Doctors are by no means perfect, but the worst of them are better than the half educated morons that make up shit and then inflict it on their kids.

Look, vaccines aren't for the individual, they are pretty much a duty to the whole society.  If we, as a society, can take the steps to eradicate a plague from the books, then we should do it.  There will be a vanishingly small minority that will have a bad reaction.  A couple of people in a population of millions will die.  Can't be helped, but the chance should be taken.  In an over-populated world, if a epidemic is allowed to get traction, a lot more than "a couple" of people will die.

I can't see any value in getting the government to force them...nothing but bad stuff down that aisle thank you.  But these non-vaccine folks are just plain self-centered jerks who cannot see past the end of their own nose.


russell1200 said...

They compare the miniscule threat to themselves from a vaccine, to the threat to themselves if they don't take the vaccine, but everyone else does.


Oldfool said...

I feel the same about people with no children that don't want to support public education. It's not for the individual kid but for all of us.