Long Days

Sorry about being a bit short on postings lately.   Been working OT and I am a little on the tired side.   I am off this weekend and will take the time to clean the house and get ready for the Super Bowl.

Having trouble getting into the swing of prepping lately.  Mostly it is because I am starting to wonder if I am prepping for the right thing.

Most survivalist types which folks mistakes for preppers are planning for some sore to libertarian (read here..nihilist) auto de fe which will leave them in their well-armed and well-stocked freeholds, lording over the auto da fé, sneering at the uninformed.

You are all fully aware of what I think will happen to these poor sad sacks.  Should this scenario occur, when some truly nasty, truly weapons trained types with a modicum of organization hear tell of a stockpile in the woods defended by some "patriots", they will descend on the goodies with real organization and real tactics and the goodies will very rapidly change ownership.  They will probably appreciate the fine equipment and food available at the post-apocalyptic fast food market in the woods.

Nope, the prep in our lifetimes will be a ossification of the social structures we are currently a part of.  The middle class (read here: bourgeoisie) and the financial elite (read here: noble) are in the process of solidifying their hold.  The masses are to be put into an awkward form of debt peonage which will fund the lifestyles of the elite.  The middle class will work for the elite, gathering the rents, but will decrease in size due to the low-value added of such endeavors.

I cannot see this trend changing for the rest of my lifetime (which, granted is not that long...I figure that at best, I have around 10-11 years).  So what I have to do for prepping is to set my kids up in a manner that they can best ride the wave coming at them.

So, my savings won't be....work til I die with money going to education and training in useful things that will allow the future to continue the great game we call history.