Saturday, February 11, 2012

NKVD, Statsi, and other such organs

Not everyone gets memos like this.  But one should expect that a group with bearing the name of a man who espoused interfaith dialog, and lived a life of voluntary poverty and charity would piss someone somewhere off.

And a lot of folks are giving up their usual "I'm shocked" routine, replete with righteous indignation.  I am not so sure.

Disagreeing with government policy has always pissed the government off.  J. Edgar and his merry band were up to their elbows in surveillance of groups that didn't toe the company line.  Beria was ruthless and more into the violent part of suppression.  Statsi infiltrated everything and had files on everyone.

We are on the path to a much more authoritarian government.  I don't like, but there it sits.  But the actual path is looking pretty set, so why is everyone feigning surprise and claiming innocence lost?

Yes it pisses me off, but that is not what I am trying to say here.

What I am trying to say is, that if the FBI is expending resources on things like this, they are beginning to lose it.  We are in a beginnings of a catabolic collapse here in the USA.  The long term is not looking good, and there are movements around in the public and private which are the seeds of a major change in the American Experiment.

The authority of the executive branch is being balkanized in a serious way.  DHS and the FBI retain their own power base, DoD is an empire within itself.  DHHS has its own low level power.  Memo's like this just underscore the lengths that the petty bureaucrats will go to to blow their own horn and advance their own agenda.  People want to blame the President for what happens, but I am reasonably sure that BHO with a couple of drinks in him would bitch long and hard about the straitjacket that he has to operate out of with respect to these power bases.

The overall process continues.  Be careful, try to look beyond the headlines and the initial rush of emotion.  Sometimes a little bit of thought will show weaknesses, not strengths.

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Craig Cavanaugh said...

All those petty tyrant bureaucrats will be their own undoing. They are "awakening the sleeping giant"...