Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Annoying Habit

OK..If you want to flame me for this one, I will accept the flames.

I really hate the digital camera and camera phones for one simple reason.

The stupid damn pictures that people (>95% Female) take when they are together.  There are usually three to four of them with their heads tilted toward a common center, smiling like they are in a dental commercial, commemorating some insipid event.

My God.  You are wasting electrons and bandwidth, would you please stop this.  If you are taking a picture, take it of you doing something interesting.  The picture of you showing off your recent teeth cleaning is STALE.  Yes, you are wearing your nice clothes, but that isn't interesting either.

I don't know why you do this thing.   Truth is, I am certain that the fact that the reasoning escapes me has something to do with my having two ex-wives.  I think that the meme is now out there, and women feel the need to have pictures like this as some kind of odd trophy.

I don't get it, please stop.


russell1200 said...

Too easy. You are flamed ipso facto. LOL

NoHype said...
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NoHype said...

It's the same reason they collect useless knickknacks. Ceramic pigs, beanie babies, scrapbooks, and now digital photos... It's all chintzy crap tossed down a gaping maw in a desperate and futile attempt to fill an endless vacuum bereft of meaning or substance where their souls used to be. Suzy Q. across the street got one and she seemed so *happy* playing with it.

Gosh. What'll they think of next? It didn't even look big enough to hold a "D" cell.

This, I suspect, gets to the core of your umbrage. Ignoramuses doing ignoramus things waste perfectly good energy and resources, while remaining blissfully ignorant of the carnage in their wake. Alas, they're too busy baring their teeth at an electronic eye supported by an entire ecosystem of plastic, metal, wires, microchips and printed circuit boards whose sole reason for existence is to further fan the endless bonfires of human vanity.