Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back in Black

Sorry about the days off.  I have been spending time fixing a five year old computer.

I am giving up on Linux for a little while.  I don’t have enough time to hack anymore.  Like it or not, linux always ending up taking a bit more time than the commercial boyz for what is, at best, limited benefit.  Mostly it is a head game that you play with yourself.

The head game is that “I am in no way beholdin’ to a big corporation”.  While a noble thought, it just ain’t so.  Most of the internet is corporate, even down to little rant pages hither and yon.  I can’t say that I actually know someone that is directly plumbed in, maintaining their own server and their own hard link and direct hop to the backbone.

Just ain’t done.  The game is corporate.  So why would you be somehow more spiritually pure if you use a operating system that is primarily paid for out of corporate pockets (read here: Linux) with the bulk of development being paid out of company men somewhere.  Shuttlesworth didn’t get to take his joyride by being a non-profit.

So, back to a freshly restored and patched copy of Windows Vista with the doo-dads attached.  It does the same thing as the others used in these pages (There have been posts by Mac’s, BSD boxes, Linux boxes, and even a BeOS post for giggles. 

Might as well run for a hat trick and throw in some windows.


Gather ye marbles said...

Yup, Windows is ubiquitous, convenient, easy to use, and offers good product support. That said, I was expecting a post about the AC/DC album and am disappointed.

Publius said...

Linux Mint is actually amazingly easy to use right out of the box - probably the most complete desktop Linux that includes non-open-source stuff like a Flash Player, etc.

Linux mint is the way to go!
I am actually planning on running my own server again soon - probably not with static IP's, but I'll use a dynamic DNS server to keep the traffic flowing. The main reason: the control you have over your own box, the access to the log files (security -see who's trying to break in, etc.).

It really only makes sense if you enjoy it, just like boat-building for example. Most people are better off buying a boat, but if you like building them, it's pretty darn satisfying.