Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BBS and other such antiquities (for Publication 03/21/12)

Note:  It is a rainy kinda Sunday and I have been spending time working on the techniques necessary to ruggedize and make anonymous the process of blogging and the writing of less-than-complimentary-to-the-system thought.  This post is written behind a firewall that denies all incoming traffic.  It is written as an e-mail in Thunderbird with imbedded HTML and links.  Click things freely and comment if you find anything odd.
As you can tell from my last couple of posts, I have been thinking that the direction of the internet is not going in a direction that suits my style. 

The almost total commercialization of the internet, coupled with the constraints and monitoring being put in place by varying arms of the government lead me to believe that what is now considered free expression may in future become something else entirely.

I have a tendency of thinking that somehow, if the years-long conversations that we have been conducting here in blogoland are to continue, their form is going to have to change.  I doubt sincerely that the corporate structures that currently rule the vast majority of the internet are going to allow the rough and tumble of free speech in their sheltered gardens much longer.

So, where we go.  Folks who question the actions and the legitimacy of a standing government or system are rarely applauded.  Judging from the stat counters that figure prominently on nearly every website, getting a following past a couple of hundred is reserved for the very few.  Most of these folks are folks who try to tie their message with the idea that money can be made  (eg:  Jesse, MishCharles Hugh Smith).  It is the rare individual who has a big following and questions the entire system (The Archdruid). 

These big boys are the folks that make google their coin.  Folks like me are parasites.  It won't be too long before the ISP's and the commercial content directors (google, facebook, apple, microsoft, etc) get impatient and jerk our free ride.

So, I am putting up a link to a documentary that I have put up before.  The documentary is BBS, the documentary.  I would propose strongly that you spent some time over the next couple of weeks to watch it and put your thinking cap on.

I'll get back to you tomorrow with the next step of the idea.


Loco Gato said...

I have been looking at a bbs systems for sometime now. I ran the "Night Hawk" bbs in the late 80's and I believe that the bbs system will come into play again.

Publius said...

will watch it this weekend. Thanks!