Friday, March 9, 2012

Late Waking

      Fridays are tough.  I am usually cooked.  This one is especially bad because for the next two weeks the other folks who I work with are taking time off.  They Need it…Place has been down a full employee for a year now.  My turn is in three weeks.

I think that folks here at the fedguv ranch are trying to keep things low key with hiring.  They still spend money stupid, but the process is getting tighter and better.  I think that it will take a while and results may vary.

Everyone is focused on the elections.  I think that people are trying to project their hopes that somehow a rabbit will be pulled out of the hat.  Can’t see it happening.   Outside of raw stupidity, I really can’t see how anyone would want to have the job of President of the United States.   The problems that you face in the job really have no solution.  You power is constrained by two branches of government that feel that they are also in charge.  To get the job, you have to whore yourself out to the highest bidder and service every interest group you can sweet talk.  There is no win there.

Nope, the guy we elect is going to preside over another section of the downslope to a smaller life for the good old USA.  Folks are going to continue having their toys taken from them.  They are going to be unhappy and they are going to blame whichever bozo we choose to elect.  In a way, I want Gingrich to win.  He is such an astounding ass, he actually deserves to be remembered in history as the president who presided over the slide.

There is something Nero-esque about Gingrich.  He is so puffed up and full of himself that he, more than anyone, deserves to wear the purple when Rome burns.

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