Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Special Sauce

Now, over at small holding, they are bemoaning the fact that we might have to go back to locking gas caps.

Huh...never got rid of mine.

Folks.  In a real sense, fossil fuels in a fungible format are the ultimate form of currency.  The energy to move, stay warm, provide electricity, and do any number of needful things.  To keep the 2,070,000 BTU-equivalents found in your gas tank open for the world to use is just plain silly.

Look, here in the blogosphere we piss and moan constantly about the nature and value of money.  We prepare our bug out kits, build up our pantries, and do all the sexy little things that let us think that we are studs.  Then we leave our vehicles out on a city street, with the fuel cap open to the world, almost begging folks to come with a hose and steal the special sauce that makes all the other plans work.



Kris said...

I'm not sure the locking gas caps will be of much use these days; now they just drill a hole in your tank and drain it from the bottom. After they steal your catalytic converter.

Martin said...

Just prior to the last time gas got up to $4+, I installed a locking gas cap for the same reasons you cite.

Some clever asshole just put a big pan under the car and punched the gas tank with a screwdriver - got all the gas and left me with an empty tank. Replacing the gas tank cost me a helluva lot more than the cost of the stolen fuel - plus the cost of the locking gas cap to boot.

I no longer have a locking gas cap.