Friday, April 20, 2012

It OK guy!

Busted just took off on a rant about Blogger.


Well, I'll see if it screws up here.

Google looks to be getting set to start forcing ads onto our pages whether we like it or not.  Now the "advertise products" is out there prominently where you can see it.  Care to make a wager as to when it becomes the default and then part of the use requirements.

I use blogger because I am a cheapskate.  Probably keep doing so.  But folks, none of us pay a dime for using the service, and google has been very firm about their desire to dominate the net.    They most certainly are not going to let us continue our free ride.  Most of us don't do any advertisement on our pages.  Those who do probably get a pittance.

I'll still use the soapbox.  Just remember that the labels will be getting larger.

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