Monday, August 6, 2012

Home Again, Back Again, Jiggedy Jog

OK, I am over another of my hissy-fits and bouts of combined self-pity/self-importance.  Sorry about these, but sometimes the mood takes me and off I go.

I don’t think that I will bother announcing my return.  If you are reading this, you have either stumbled upon it or you are and old friend coming back by mistake.  Both of those are good enough for me, thank you very much.

Looking back on my fits of pique concerning Google and its business habits, I sadly shake my head and wonder about my ability to think things through.  Bitching the way that I do is little better than a child complaining about no having her cake and eating it too.  There is a price for the extraordinary communications ability offered by the internet, and a minimal loss of “privacy” is not an exceptional cost. 

The technical underpinnings of the internet are such that any expectation of privacy is sorely misplaced.  The TCP/IP protocol itself ensures that your mail can be read any number of places.  Hell, it almost begs for your mail to be read.

And consider the act with which I am now involved.  Blogging.  You are almost begging folks to come and read you.  If you are stupid enough to try and start a revolution in such a setting, you are sadly mistaken and don’t come whining to me when some nice gentlemen in suits come and visit you in your home.

So, it is back here again in bloggerland.  Maybe I will have another long stretch.  Maybe I won’t.

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russell1200 said...

The Arab Spring indicates that electronic methods of communication can certainly be used in a revolution.

The United States is so huge geographically, and is so polygot in social culture, that it is very hard to build a critical mass. You probably have about 20 little revolutions going on at any one time, but the causes and groups are often on opposite sides of the fence. Tea party and Occupy are come to mind, and they are not all that different from each other - they both want to maintain their middle class entitlements.