Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mostly I can’t trust either of the candidates.  Not that I have anything resembling trust for any of the politicians that serve themselves here in my native land, but the two major party candidates are even less worthy of trust than the usual crop that grows up every four years.  I have been noticing a remarkable decline in quality of late.  The democrats have become even more pathetic than republicans of late.  But the difference in lameness and sneakiness is miniscule, measured in picograms and femtomoles


But Romney creeps me out.  He is every sleazy glad-handing, piece of mormon trash that I grew up with in Utah.  I like and respect Mormons as a general rule, half of my family has converted and I love them dearly, but that religion produces the creepiest, slimiest, greediest and most immoral “businessmen” that you can possibly imagine.   


I don’t know why this is. 

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NoHype said...

It's not just Mormons. It's the conservative non-denominational Christians too. Like your description, it seems that it's a job requirement for the successful "businessmen" among them to be sleazy and creepy. I've always wondered why all the other Christians tolerate this sort of thing in their midst.

How do good, well-meaning people who value taking care of each other get to the point where they happily support thieving con artists? It remains a mystery to me.