Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Quite a Plug, a Fainthearted, Lukewarm Endorsement

Keynes is always ready to contradict not only his colleagues but also himself whenever circumstances make this seem appropriate. So far from feeling guilty about such reversals of position, he utilizes them as pretexts for rebukes to the less nimble-minded. Legend says that while conferring with Roosevelt at Quebec, Churchill sent Keynes a cable reading, “Am coming around to your point of view.” His Lordship replied, “Sorry to hear it. Have started to change my mind.”
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Google is an odd intermediary.  The system of server farms and fairly good applications serve the overall internet fairly well.

That being said, we now dive into one of my ramblings.  First things first, don't kid yourself, the "freedom" of the internet is no such thing.  Nor can it be any such thing as long as the capital expenditures and human input required to keep such a mass moving is as extraordinary as it is.  That amount of investment does not lend itself to freedom.  It has to be a pretty controlled and be there for a purpose.

Some of the folks are going to go into gibbering shit-fits when they read this, but I really find that Google provides enough valuable service that I may have to consider my objections into their incursions into the zone of "privacy" as a necessary evil required by the convenience of the set of tools that they can provide.

So, I am back here at Blogger, dealing with a fairly robust interface that lets me do what I want to do (more or less) for free.  I can ramble on for a bit, save, read what I have written, change and delete it.  They track the people who visit my humble site, let me know when other folks disagree (or occasionally agree) with me, all for the small cost of their reasonably subtle attempts to sell me shit.

My opinion is a fickle thing, an ongoing piece of work being molded around a subtle and multifaceted world.   Always remember, a conclusion is just a marker for the point where you stopped thinking about a subject.

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