Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Odd Election

I have been spending a little time watching the post mortems on the election.  Out here in doomerland there is a strange and sullen vibe going around.  Now, lets get to the main point of this.  In the eyes of a majority of doomers (my non-Nate-Silver estimate is around 55% of total doomers) are basically glued to old patterns of race identification and are in varying stages of annoyance/anger that some uppity nigger still has the gall to be in the White House in a capacity other than that of a house servant.

Then there are the significant minority of doomers who make a mental hegira to Galt’s Gulch every year (Non-Nate Silver rates this at around 40% with such a significant overlap with the above group that it probably should be a subset rather than a separate category)

Add to this the gun nuts who populate our little community (around 65%, with 50% overlap with the above two categories) and you are looking at an odd demographic where I kind of fit in.  I am out of touch with around 75% of the prepper/doomer population, which is a small (around 10%) faction of a increasingly odd general population.

So, what do I write about and why the hell should I care?

Maybe I’ll take a long nap.

Happy Veterans Day.

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russell1200 said...

There are a number of people on the left who would probably fit into the survivalist-prepper catagory if it was not defined so narrowly. Most of your sustainable crowd has similar world views, they just react differently to the situation.

For myself, I am somewhat stunned at the teeth nashing displayed over such an inept candidate. Fox news lied to its audience (or alternatively were simply drinking their won cool aid) which somewhat explains the surprise at the loss. But Romney didn't even get as many votes in the "must win" Ohio as McCain.