Monday, November 12, 2012

Hostile Saviors

Found this picture here.   I was giggling so hard at the end of the posting that I nearly old-manned myself.
I was looking for a picture to have at the top of the posting about how, as Americans, we are currently absolutely dependent on the Chinese and the Arabs to support the ideas that "the American lifestyle is not negotiable”.  This little blog came up and what was I to do.  I have a feeling that it is all a bunch of shit by a snot nosed brat of a middle manager, replete with delusions of grandeur, but it might actually be true which makes it that much richer.

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russell1200 said...

The Chinese pay us to take their manufacturing goods. That is the net effect of taking our money, and then not being able to spend it.

The Arabs need our water (which they import in the form of food) and in many cases our protection.

I think co-dependence has been closer to the truth.

The Chinese may move away from it, but when they do, our manufacturing will magically revive (as it did in the 90s).