Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Different Sort of Metal

I really like watching Max Keiser.  The doofus really makes me laugh and think.  Outside of Jon Stewart, I can't think of a comedian who has a better grasp on world and national affairs.

The nature of the gold and silver markets and the frozen wealth that they represent are a mystery.  The idea that a peice of metal represents the labor and flow of the economy and that one can capture the richness that the world offers is an odd one.

But ever since the Athenians started stamping out their owls, such has been the nature of the world.  The world also has any number of object lessons as to the overall usefulness of the metal as a symbol.   Midas maintains his name through the millenia.  Crassus really did get was was coming to him.

The gold that is being transported around is not there to assist in the betterment of the people who theoretically own it (read here, the American People, the German People, etc, etc, etc), but rather, to make sure that a moneyed elite maintain their grip on the levers of power.

The gold that is locked (or not, depending on your opinion about the tungsten rumors) up in the vaults in London and New York do not mean anything to the likes of you and I, it is ante in a bigger game that you and I cannot play.   It really is part of the arsenal of the game of thrones.

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