Saturday, February 2, 2013

One of my favorites

I am quite disappointed this year by the lack of complaints about football and America’s obsession with football.  The usually peak about this time.  They are remarkably thin this year.
Not that I agree, I love watching football, warts and all.  I loved playing even more. I agree that the game definitely needs to get safer. The head injury issue needs to get worked on and changes have to be made to the rules to lower injury rates.
Naw, that bit went through it’s 24 hour wash-rinse-repeat cycle during the last couple of months.  The hystericals seem to have shot their wad then and are quiet now.  That is too bad, I have really come to appreciate the over the top antics of the “Football as an American Evil” crowd.
Naw, gonna watch some football on Sunday, then the TV gets mothballed for the year

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