Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Epicurean Dealmaker: Table of Contents

I have always admired T.E.D., he says things that interest me in a clever and erudite manner.

The Epicurean Dealmaker: Table of Contents:

His last couple of posts intrigue me.  He questions the personal value of what he is doing here in Bloggoland, and now he comes up with another idea that intrigues.

In my case, the table of contents will allow me to go over older work, update them, and place them is some kind of whole.  I think that there are some interesting technical issues to be solved as well as refreshing my memory as to the subjects I have already beaten to death.

Gonna do a little work and make some changes


russell1200 said...

A lot of bloggers make it difficult (probably not intentionally) to go back and look at their older posts. Which is particularly aggravating when they reference past posts and don't link to them. The whole point of keyword subject matter (which I abandoned) and sidebar archives is to make looking at past posts easier. Secondary tabs (like I have) to highlight specific material (book reviews in my case) is also useful.

John D. Wheeler said...

Dave over at Decline of the Empire has another solution: he is reposting/updating classics every Wednesday now.

russell1200 said...

John: Dave has some great posts, but if he wants to gain audience he needs to stop attacking his own audience. If he ever takes one of your comments the wrong way, expect a vociferous accusatory e-mail from him. I got that from a comment where I agreed with him! LOL