Friday, April 25, 2014

Fanboy Mail

OK, people get peevish when I mention Mr. J.M. Greer, but such is life.

is a nice piece of work.  I actually spent the time last night going over the map of Middle Earth and going over the route that our intrepid Took would take.  Fun as all get-out.

I am suggesting that someone turn this into a serial novel a la "Stars Reach" and write out the adventure of Silas Took (Note the pointed hint Mr. Greer).  It would be a joy to read.

The book would necessarily be a long one, full of the time compression used so judiciously by Mr. Greer in Stars Reach.  Because missing the initial opportunity usually end up in a harder row to hoe.  In the original Lord of the Rings, Gandalf reached the Shire on April 12, 3018 to tell Bilbo about the One Ring.   Bilbo and the Keepers left Middle Earth on September 29th 3021. (References:  Here)

This trip would be a lot longer.  The resources available would be less, the hardships greater, and there would be more losses in the fights.  The outcome would not be as rosy.  But the story would be better.  In my overactive imagination, Mr. Took would speak with Radagast on July 4, 3062 and die, with the ring, on the slopes of Mount Doom on November the 11th of 3075.

From Wikipedia
 In his Foreword to the Second Edition, Tolkien said that he "disliked allegory in all its forms" (using the word applicability instead), and told those claiming the story was a metaphor for World War II to remember that he had lost "all but one" of his close friends in World War I.
I don't think that this story would require any of the warnings in the forward about allegory.

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