Thursday, June 26, 2014


There has been a bunch of hoohoorah concerning the lack of diversity in the high-tech sector.


Look, whether you like it or not, the tech sector and the sciences are dying out now.  Oh yeah, I can just imagine the uproar that some will flame should they even consider this blog worthy of their efforts.

Look at the stock market values.  Look at the cool shit we make.  Look at the commercials on TV that show us as concerned about the world around us.  Look at how our cell phones and computers and new drugs and other such whatnot have made the life of the average man "better".

I am positing that this is a fever dream.  A self-referential fantasy for a culture which is trying desperately to find a way to morph into something else.  Everything that has been invented in the last fifty or so years isn't really all that new.  All have been variations on a theme, taking valuable functions and cheapening them to the point of worthlessness.

All the improvements have not filtered into the general society.  That is told by the diversity numbers.  Oh, there will be those who will tell you that the preponderance of men, whites, indians, and asians in the tech sector are proof of a "superiority" that confers upon these subcultures the right of priesthood.

But truth be told, these are just the last folks hanging onto a cult.  Gradually, the cult will die out as the resources, environment, and education gets degraded by their activities, but that is generation or three from now.

The womenfolk were the first to realize the sterility of the system.  That is why they don't go en masse into the sciences.  It is a sterile and hostile environment, unfriendly to anyone but true believers.  I spent twenty-five years in the cathedral, I watched a lot of women make the effort.  They had every bit of brains and skill that their male counterparts have, they just don't seem to have the true faith.  I think that women went into the temple, looked around, saw the moneychangers, then decided that they would be better off and happier somewhere else.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I will be recommending a technical education to my sons.  I will recommend that they go to the temple and skim the cream, but, while they are in there, have a care to keep an eye out for falling pieces of a broken sky.

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