Saturday, June 28, 2014


Yves over at Naked Capitalism is a great read.  You should really go out of your way to wander over there and avail yourself of the deep and coherent thought there.

Consider this article.

Post-constitutional America.  I kinda like the ring of that.

But, unlike Yves, I can't quite work up the sense of moral outrage.  Because you see, the way that I see it, this is all self inflicted.  Government can look into your facebook records?  Well dumbass, you stuck them on Facebook.  Did you think that it was private there.  Marky Zuckerberg can sell every scrap of information on you and that is OK, but the government looking at the same info is bad?  Wow.

For some reason, the whores running the big internet companies can fuck you until you bleed but the government can't look at the same 1's and 0's.  I don't get the logic.  Yelling stupid shit at the top of your lungs on the internet is as stupid as yelling stupid shit at the top of your lungs in a crowded street.  Both are a damn fine reason for the PTB to look closely at you.

So, I can imagine that all of you will point out that I say stupid shit on this blog all the time.  True that is.

But, I don't care if the government knows that I feel it would be best for the US to break up.  That is my opinion.  I am too old to get all involved with the idea that I have to make it happen.  I just point out the inevitable and wonder when things will start to fly apart.

Squawking that the guvmint spends to much time and money on stupid wars?  Yep, guilty.

Arguing that the guvmint and big business are colluding to screw the general population?  Who isn't doing that?

Look, if you want to get all hinky and try to speed up the entropy and pull down the current system, you go and have a blast.  But if you are stupid enough to use the internet and all of its known flaws and security faults to further your plans, pardon me if I think that you are nothing but a dumbass.

At the end of the day, the problem is the idea of the internet as a commons.  It isn't.  It is a consortium of big government and big business.  The idea came out of DARPA for christsakes.  It was executed by the telephone companies and the big chip/computer manufacturers.  It is no more a free commons than a nineteenth century company town in West Virginia.

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