Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shades of Manzikert

So, the ISIS has taken control of Mosul, 400,000,000,000 dollars, and a whole potload of shiny new American military equipment.  Bummer.

These fine folks also hold sway over a sizable chunk of property in the area.  The are well armed, well-led, and, to the horror of all, notoriously brutal.  So what goes now.

I am certain that there are generals in Washington, worried about their careers, who want to send in the 82nd.  Bad Idea.

Lets go to the folks who know how to run that area.  The Turks.  The descendants of the House of Seljuq might be the medicine that the Middle East needs.

Granted, they have mellowed as a race in the past millennium, but these are still the folks that ruled the roost for a while.  I still think their armed forces would love a chance to go ripping through Syria and Western Iraq and clean up the mess.  The guys wrote the book on how to put down rebellions and conquer territory.

Let them have it.  They have to clean it up afterward, but let them have it.

It would be refreshing to watch an operation like this run properly.

My second choice would be a descendant of Timur, but they are kinda scarce on the ground.

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