Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A medium of paparazzi

While the internet is an amazing tool for communication and free speech, we must also be aware of how it can be abused by those in power who wish to whitewash history.

Everyone seems to be bitching about folks pulling stuff off the internet.

Give over.

Look the internet isn't some sacred archive of truth.  It is merely a convenient means of communication.  I definitely isn't graven in stone and the nature of the "records" are as ephemeral as something can possibly be.  Stop acting as though it is sacred

Thousands of references to people have disappeared from the internet because of the "right to be forgotten".  Good on them.  The internet is a sewer, if somebody want to fish out an old turd, let them.

People wanting crap off the internet that focuses on them is not a bad thing.  The internet is intrusive and privacy is impossible.  Why wouldn't someone try to take crap off if there is a method.

No, who yells the most are the people who have enshrined the internet as some kind of technical messiah.  Where all mankind can meet and give group hugs and sell shit to each other.  I would posit that the folks who bitch the most about this "modifying history" crap and screwy references to big-brother and 1984 are the fuckers who want to make money dredging the sewage lines of the world-wide-web.

Look, bloggers like your humble correspondent point this shit out all the time. The shit keeps happening.  There will be plenty left around, and the crap that most folks want to pull off isn't that damn important anyway.

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