Friday, August 1, 2014

Mature Reflection

Maybe it is just me, but things seem to be heating up around the world.

I think that taking a moment in order to think about the downstream effects from any war idea currently being bruited about by our political leadership would be time well spent.

There is now a greater chance (my estimate still is still less than 30%) that something quite nasty is brewing. If it comes, it won't be a 15 second spot on ABC news.  It will be the only thing there.

Might want to take a moment to review your options.

1 comment:

russell1200 said...

Russia - Ukraine I just don't see as being a 30% deal.

China vs. Vietnam-Philippines with other dragged in seems the most likely scenario that comes to my mind at the moment. But that seems like it will be a slow burn. Nobody has killed any fisherman in a while.