Saturday, May 28, 2016

An odd thought

Last week I posted links to a couple of the Archdruid's site.  I posted them over at Sic Semper Tyrannis. Let's just leave to say that the reception there was considerably warmer that I had feared.  A couple of fairly polite drive-by trollings were in there, but there seemed to be genuine warmth in the overall response.

Then the Colonel casually dropped this line 
turcopolier said...Degringolade
thanks for introducing The Archdruid here. He lives no far away. pl

What I would like to see is a dinner conversation between those two discussing the military aspects of the fragmentation North America.  Considering time frame and potential budgets, how would such be fought, what weapons and tactics would shine through?
Tell you the truth, I would love to hear the colonels comments an the Military Aspects of Retrotopia.  John Michael is a damn fine thinker of grand thought, but I am not so certain that he has all his ducks straight on the breakup.

A master thinker and strategist like the Colonel could add a whole bunch to the timeline.  I am fairly certain that he would find the subject distasteful in the extreme, but what would the military aspects of a breakup of the North American Continent look like?

You would have to consider the whole continent.  Panama Canal to Hudson Bay.  I don't think that Central America, Mexico, and Canada would come out of the process unharmed.

Where are the natural fault lines of the continent?  Does Huntington come into play here in a limited manner?  What are the economic drivers and the power bases which could potentially effect the outcome?

Right now I am reading David M. Potter's "The Impending Crisis", and the old saw about a rhyming history seems more than appropriate.

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