Friday, June 3, 2016

Thai Pig and a Rant

Mother's day and Father's day are commercial bullshit.  End of Quote.

If you need a day to celebrate what may be the best part of your life, you are doing it all wrong. Bud, the parts that you want to be thanked for are all your own damn fault.  No one told you to do it, it was a decision all your own.  Don't expect everyone to cheer.

No card is needed, no present is required, the act is all the gift you should ever hope for.

What this ongoing commercial bullshit does is add to the culture of entitlement that pervades our country

Recipe time again.  I am cooking for the boys, having told them not to play this shit

Take a 12 pound boned pork leg.  Rub it with the following:

Thai Pig

1 cup of Soy Sauce
1/4 cup of vinegar
1 package of dried teriyaki sauce mix
2 packages of Pad Thai seasoning mix
1 can of coconut milk

When I say rub it, rub it.  Take a couple of minutes.

Then I put it into a seal bag (I have my spiffy Cabela's sealer, I spoke of it here) and seal it up

Now let it sit for a day or so, I find that things work best if you leave it out in the kitchen some, but then put it in the fridge when you go to sleep.  One of the great thing about having the meat in a big, vacuum sealed bag is that you can continue rubbing without getting your hands all ooky.

When you are done, bake that puppy at 250 in a dutch oven for eight or so hours, half of it uncovered, until the temp hits 180 and you are off and running.

I shred the stuff and add it to a bed of rice and you are in for some damn fine eating.

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