Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Where do we go from here?

California is voting today.

The election is getting closer and the knives are out.  I rate the chances of the next president as being Trump 55%, Hillary 37%, and Bernie 7%.  The additional 1% is for the strange things that could occur.

So lets talk about those last two.

Things might have a chance for the Democrats if Bernie manages to push Hillary off the bus.  Hillary is a crazy old bitch with a chip on her shoulder and a bad temper.  If Bernie can convince the Democratic party that their current standard-bearer is a losing proposition, maybe, just maybe, the Democratic party can be saved.  If Hillary pulls it off, the defections and angst will most likely insure that the Trumpmeister will be the one redecorating the little in the White House that can be redecorated (Remember, the place is a flipping museum). If Hillary wins, I believe strongly that a lot of folks that normally vote Demo will sit out the election. The folks that like Bernie despise Hillary.  I truthfully think that a lot of Demos will vote for Trump before they vote for Hillary.

Look, Trump is a business promoter.  He wins by saying out-there shit, and pushing people off their groove.  He forces people to react.  That is his style.  He is an averagely honest corporate head that for the most part plays within the rules.  Right now the Republican party is bitching that he doesn't represent them, but in truth, they built him, and now they watch aghast as he rages out of their control.  I hope that they aren't stupid enough to pull a fast one at the convention and anoint one of their zombies.  That will certainly be the death of the Republican party.

What concerns me is that for the first time in a very long time, the procession of our changes in government may be disrupted. If Hillary wins, I believe strongly that a lot of folks that normally vote demo will sit out the election and work to split the Democratic party. The folks that like Bernie despise Hillary.

If the Republicans pull off their shenanigans, the fracturing of the Republican party will be even more likely that the fracturing of the Democratic party if Hillary wins.  The procession of our elections may well be forced off the tracks.

The two-party system has worked reasonably well for a long time.  It has gotten corrupt and stinky, but right now there does not appear to be anything functional ready to take its place on the stage.

The 1% chance is what I am frightened of.  Lots of bad things come out of the dissolution of functioning systems.  Truthfully, not very many good things come out of them.

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