Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Fuse

Question one:
What are the odds of a major Western Democracy having a major insurrection/coup in the next 365 days?
This is a response from good old Russell.  (BTW:  I think that silver is moving again and no, I won't bet you this time).
They don't have a culture for it, and most of the military leadership is old. Modern revolutions tend to come the dispossessed educated youth.
Say what?

I would take a good hard look buckaroo.  I agree 100% with your statement, but you seem to imply that this ain't the case, so it won't happen.

Last time that I checked, this appears to be the first generation where they will probably make less than the generation before them.  They have also been saddled with a huge amout of loans and have been overeducated to the point where their degrees are becoming a weight rather than a aid.

The wealth gap is becoming more pronounced, and the greater bulk of the newly educated and indebted youngsters seem to be catching on to the fact that they have been handed a shit sandwich and that we oldsters expect them to pay for our dotage.

This is evident in other countries too.

I think the real question is:  How long is the fuse.

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russell1200 said...

My thinking is more that 365 days is probably too short of a time frame for the United States. I must say that I did assume a level of success to be implied.

The shooting at police is certainly a revolutionary act after all.