Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Plowin' the field

OK  here is an uncomfortable thought.

My generation (The Boomers) have had is easy in relative terms.  Never been so many having so much.  Oh sure, you can trot out statistics about wealth disparities, unemployment, and other such twaddle, but we have had it great.

Truth is, we took too much out of the pie and didn't leave enough for those following us.

So, when you look at Social Security; why shouldn't we take a hard look at it.  Some of the folks don't need it.  Some don't deserve it.  Some folks can keep-a-working.

If everyone runs in and starts grabbing their piece, the fund (already bankrupt by any rational accounting) will dwindle even faster.  Yes, I know, we paid the money in.  But every single one of us plans to take more out than we put in.

That is always a recipe for disaster.  Third rail my ass, it was a bone thrown to the poor during the depression to keep them from rioting.

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