Thursday, August 18, 2016

The uppity

The anger out there has been documented.   The poor folks got it, the rich folks don't get it.
That is the way the cookie always crumbles.

The question now is, just how bad do the poor folks have it?  Right now I would guess that it isn't bad enough for anything to come of it anytime soon.   What will it take to give the anger some traction?

There is a lot there to work with.  With the election going the way it appears to be going, there is going to be a lot more grist for that particular mill in the near future.   It seems to me that we are going to continue down this tired path for a while yet, carving a percentage or two off of the protected  elite list and pissing down more pain on the "lowers".

Now keep an eye out for someone who is as slippery and as salesman-like as the Donald to start his rise.   He will tap into to the same angry crowd that Trump taps into, but will do so with a plan and an organization, not just an oversized ego.  This to-be-established successor will attack the privileges of the elite and will be attacked by the elite's media poodles for the temerity of challenging their economic droit de seigneur.

So the bet here is this.  I see Trumpussy garnering around forty percent this election if things keep going the way that they are (1).  That is approximately the percentage of the angry folks.  The media will tout the win as a "landslide" for the bitch.  She will continue the screwing and will add to the totals of the angry over the next four years.  Then should the reasonably intelligent and crafty successor to Donald arise and begin his work, then things could get interesting.

(1)  There is the off-chance that Trumpussy is playing a crafty game of rope-a-dope and will come out in the very near future with an effective and competent game plan.  I wouldn't hold my breath

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