Monday, September 5, 2016


Took a couple of days off.  Had nothing to write, had other stuff to do.

Mostly I am tired of the tendentious bullshit that passes for culture here in the land o' the free(TM).

 We seem to have become a nation that stands for opposites, so in the end we stand for nothing.  We do so much to make certain that the way we think is the only allowable way.

I cannot effect the nature of a society.  I can only act and think the way that I think is right.  I will respect other's opinions and where they have merit, try to incorporate that merit into a syncretic worldview.  I will dismiss the idea that self-esteem and its concordant arrogance is the way to approach a life.

More and more, I think that the problems that we face are the problems that we made ourselves.  Mostly it is the way that we were raised, boomers and subsequent generations all.  We are not as naturally good as we thought that we were.  The cult of the child that took over this country in the early sixties and shaped the ethos that we are now foundering in was also just plain wrong.  It is the outgrowth of that idiot frog Rousseau's ravings.

We are bound into a path that leads to decline.  I would argue that we are well into that decline.  

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