Friday, September 16, 2016


I am a nationalist.  I care about the US.  I couldn't give a flying fuck about the rest of the world.

I think that the Department of Defense should be just that.

I don't think that troops should be stationed overseas.  The troops that we maintain should be to protect the North American continent...yes, this will mean that Mexico and Canada will pretty much get a free ride.

The Navy should be gutted.  If folks want to sell overseas, that is fine, but who says we have to protect businessmen outside of our borders.

I think that if a couple of other countries want to kill each other, that is fine with me.

I think that folks should stay in their own country and improve it, I do not think that they should be allowed into my country to improve themselves.



hjmler said...

I've thought our population was too high at 150mm, so I'm in favor of ending immigration altogether, which puts me at odds with just about everybody. And I'm agreeable to your other ideas as well. Tourists? Fine, as long as they're microchipped so we can find 'em if they overstay their visas and toss 'em out.

russell1200 said...

Our independence was won because of (other peoples') naval power. To be truly be isolationist, a strong navy is the best route to go. It keeps trouble makers at a distance.

The collapse of free trade that likely would occur with the vacancy of the dominant naval power (a dominance (Britain than us) that has existed for a really long time) would clobber our living standards, but some might be ok with that.

I played a military board game "Invasion America" many years ago. As set up the US was extremely hard to conquer: even without a Navy. But what was ignored is that it is really easy to pick off bits and pieces. And most of the major pieces are near the coastal-riverine areas.