Friday, October 7, 2016

Gotta take a breath

Look, everyone knows that the deal is going down.  

What everyone is worried about is that it might not go their way.

Well, I got new for all you pilgrims.  All of you are right.  It won't go your way.  

No reason to stop anything.  Even if shit goes seriously south, do you think that you aren't going to have to put time and energy into the system to make the new way work?  Do you think that the energy that you put in now is going to be wasted?  

Look, life is series of decisions and accommodations.  Some of what you sow gets reaped.  Some is carried away on the wind. Get over it.

All you can do is keep trying, don't plan on winning them all.  Try to learn from your failures.  Try to reinforce your successes.

Things are going to go awry in the none-to-distant future.  Stay on your feet, keep your wits about you and soldier on.

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