Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Sneering Bully

Politics, like bullying, is a way of forcing conformity on others.

No, it isn't the Donald (though he does lean that way).

Nope, this is a person that I respected.  Read his blog for years now, was one of my first sources when I tossed aside the need to go a "filching lucre and gulping warm beer" (You gotta love Conrad).

But now he is shutting down.  Pouting like a little girl because some of his readers don't agree with him and he doesn't like the character of a man he has never met.   He quit because a lot of people pointed out that all you had a choice of was two plates of shit and you thought choice A was less nauseating than choice B.

For these transgressions, one who was once a great help now goes out in a flame of pettiness.
  • Donald Trump will destroy the environment; well sorry bud, that train left the station years ago, and we all had a hand in that with our greed and cupidity.
  • Donald will repeal the Affordable Care Act, which by me is OK, as the last time I looked this abortion was none of the above, merely a conduit for the Ferme Generale made up by the Insurance Industry.
  • Donald is a racist for kicking out people living here illegally, taking jobs and services and allowing the powers that control the industry here in the US to decimate the working class.  PS, he also is not convinced that the muslim faith and the christian faith are entirely compatable and will perhaps they will not walk off into the sunset together, hand in hand.
  • Donald will not Pass TPP and will go after NAFTA.  Hey, why don't you run that by congress and see what they think about Donald telling them what to do.
  • Donald Trump is a racist.  Well my friend, my guess is that you are painted with that brush too.
Nope this guy ought to come out here to Portland and have a tantrum with the rest of the spoiled, self-absorbed children here.

I am an old man.  I watched Johnson take over for Kennedy.  I watched Nixon come in and leave, Reagan entered and left,  The shrub got elected.  Hopey-Changey came in and gave us neither.  The resident of the White House isn't that powerful and the solution space he operates in is shrinking constantly and dramatically

The Republic isn't going to fall because someone who disgusts you enters the Oval Office and puts his feet up on the desk.  Checks and Balances still exist.  

All the problems that Trump faces are not problems, they are predicaments.  There are solutions to problems, there are no solutions for predicaments.  Trump is at least giving it a go, he isn't quitting. The guy will almost certainly fail, but so would Hillary, and she would have failed even faster.  The President elected on November 8 and who will take office on January 20th will probably be the biggest bag holder since Herbert Hoover.

All that crap (and the other nonsense that this whiner put out today (I especally liked the FEMA camp nonsense that magically disappeared from the post) is just the tantrum of a sore loser.

But we could have used his help.   

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russell1200 said...

No clue who your referring to.

Of your Oregon protestors, over half did not vote. Which wouldn't bother me if they were protesting that there was a vote at all, but seems sort of silly if your protesting the results of a vote.