Saturday, November 26, 2016

I'm Kinda Sad

So, the Washington Post and have published a lengthy list of websites that are apparently outlets for "Russian Propaganda" or "Useful Idiots" for publishing thoughts and proposed courses of action that benefits the Russians.


So:  After checking out the website, I decided to go and take a look at some of the sites so impugned. Fortified by a hot toddy, I plowed headlong into my research.  I chose sites which I am not an infrequent visitor.
  • Zerohedge; actually a pretty classy response, just reported on the story and kept on keepin' on. They did lead me over to; 
  • Charles Hugh Smith:  He started out with being "amused" but then he went kinda shrill.  His amusement seems to be tempered with a bit of anger.  I'm OK with that, seems kinda that would be the way that anyone would take the same news about them.
  • Washington's Blog:  This one welcomed the story with open arms.  Went right out there and addressed the "Washington Post Readers" and went into detail about what their blog is all about.  Nice...I will make a bet that they will have a pretty big boost in their readership for a while.....Lets us hope that some of it sticks around.
  • Not Much on Paul Craig Roberts...He seems to be ignoring it with dignity.
  • Yves over at Naked Capitalism, I am truly sorry that the story ruined your Thanksgiving.
  • The fact that the Ron Paul Institute was included on the list is truly astonishing.
Nope this is the most interesting thing I have seen for a while.  Where will this one go?  Who is behind it, what is happening here?

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