Thursday, December 8, 2016

A funereal time

Locutius and Octavia surprised me last night and showed up on my doorstep.  Things are not going right for them.  Entropy confuses the crap out of them.

Folks like them are having a tough time of it right now.  They have carefully constructed a life using the rules dominant in our culture during the past forty years.

Those rules are cracking apart now, and the life thus constructed now appears fragile.  The things that are happening in the world are evidentiary​.  But the things that are happening in the world will continue to attack fragile structures like the American Dream.

But the get rich and die happy mythos of the post-Reagan years are reaching their pull date.  The almost-elite that took their cue from the advertising and acquisition industries and fooled themselves into believing that the short term goals that held sway would not self destruct at the end of the party.

Folks need to start realizing that the turgid, tortured pseudo-logic that fuelled Francis Fukayama's fever dream concerning "the end of history" was never meant to last.   It was always a ridiculous idea.  But the transient "victory" of shallow, self-serving policies benefitting the professional class was never, ever built to last.  Acting as though a set of rules that impoverishes a significant portion of a nation for the leisure of a self-centered elite is self-evidently right is a behavior that won't stand the test of time.

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