Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Lingering Aftertaste of Kool-Aid

My friends are all around my age.  Professionals.  Educated. Several are retired now, living the good life and doing the equivalent of clipping coupons.  I am happy for them.

But everyone in the group, save for a couple of outliers like your humble correspondent, absolutely loathe the asshat in the White House.  Now, if you are reading this, and don't know me personally, let me clarify some points.  Donald Trump is neither the Antichrist, nor is he at all temperamentally or intellectually qualified to hold his current office, but then, who is?  At the end of the day he is a clown with a reach that exceeds his grasp.

Nope, Donald is nothing but a tabula rosa; he reflects the anger and hopelessness of a part of the culture that encompass Mitt Romney's 47%, Barack Obama's God and guns crowd, and Hillary Clinton's deplorables.

But folks my age and in the upper reaches of the socioeconomic scale really don't like to think of the folk that support Trump as fully human. After all, we all have ours.  If you don't have yours it must be a moral failing on your part.   Worse yet, they all know of the bottled violence and the available armament in the crowd that they so loathe and are sorely afraid.

I always suggest a re-read of "A Tale of Two Cities".   You can draw similar parallels in any number of more recent social dislocation where an oppressed majority rose against a comfortable elite.  

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