Sunday, June 11, 2017

Verelendung (pauperization) and Zusammenbruch (collapse)

A little bit of wisdom can slip through the damnedest places.  

I can really take a lot of Marxism with a grain of salt.  While the description of the antecedent conditions to a change (it doesn't always have to be a revolution) is pretty bang-on.  But the solutions that it offers are pretty damn sad.

But it really tapped a vein of the need to go out with a bang.  The folks who support Marxism/Leninism seem to tend toward the idea of a revolution as a good thing.  Well buckaroos, change usually is not what was planned, and change usually doesn't end up benefiting those who seek it most earnestly.

But what are you if you don't think that apocalypse is coming "just around the corner" and you don't think that the elites have a firm grip on the situation and the idea of the prole's rising up to take charge leaves you queasy?

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