Wednesday, August 31, 2005


There seems to be more natural disaster lately. Either there is a surplus of reporting, of people living in harms way, or there is actually an increase.

I don’t have a problem with too many people living in stupid places. Mr. Darwin will solve this for us. The trick here is to keep federal money from going down the rebuilding hole. But this has been such a time-honored tradition in the past that I kinda doubt that anything will stop the federal funding of stupidity anytime soon.

The reporting of whiny bad news is also no real problem. This is just a way for the media to stir up advertising dollars. People love to wallow in other people’s misery. I think that it makes them feel better. The media is fully employed, the liberals reporting on the human misery and the inability of the government to make things better “NOW”. The conservatives will complain of the rampart lawlessness and shout how the unjust are being smitten for the stupidity and general unworthiness.

The real problem would be if the actual rate of natural disasters is actually on the increase. Despite the morons in the administration, there is a phenomenon occurring and it may not be good.

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