Friday, August 19, 2005

Nothing Important

Doing the diary allows you to keep things in order in your mind. I think that overall the process is healthy. Bloggers seem to have a different take on it. For some reason they want others to read their words and somehow take them seriously. The real issue is the fact that most people are incapable of maintaining a coherent thought stream day after day. When you blog every day, if you have a life, the blog dips down into the mundane. Most readers really aren’t interested in the mundane.

On another note, today I am trying out the new Word toolbar for Blogger and it looks as though it might offer some options for formatting and such. Not that that is a big deal for anyone other than a technical weenie such as myself, but it could be fun.

I think that I will set up a old notebook down the basement as a server so that I can move my stuff onto that and access it when I need it. This should take weeks of work and allow me the opportunity to avoid having a life for a little while longer.

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