Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Just another day of Corporate Malaise

When you get a call from the CFO of your company for being wasteful and spending $5,000 on the critical components of a test you are manufacturing you start to question things. When the CFO whines about "not being made of money" makes the issue even more worrisome. When you try to brighten up his day by saying that the CEO is out drumming up money and his grumpy response is "I'll believe it when I see the money in the bank". It is time to work on the old resume.

Endgame is interesting. You can recover from perilous positions by brilliant play, but usually perilous positions leave you on the wrong side of the endgame. If you haven't yet established a reputation for brilliant play, things look even stranger.

I just spoke with the CFO again, and when he says that making sure the liability insurance is paid is a higher priority than payroll, you realize that things are truly strange indeed.

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