Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nothing better for your humility

Searching for jobs sucks.

I had a good run at unemployment, and the benefits fully fund my low-cost lifestyle, but I am beginning to get a little nervous now because the job market is in a serious hurt. When I started the benefits 24 weeks ago, I figured that I was in great shape to get a job. After all, I had been employed continuously for the last 18 years, how hard could it be?

Actually, I was cocky enough to think that I didn't want to push too hard at first. Since the benefits exceeded my costs, in my mind I was looking at 30 weeks of vacation. To be honest, it has been a relaxing balm to my spirit not slaving for the man for a wee bit.

But now the economy is getting flushed, and the job market is tighter than a crooked cop's asshole when he is placed in jail. I think that any job will be good right now, so my standards have dropped to effectively zero in the past weeks. Getting into one of the few productive jobs left in the country would be great. If push comes to shove, even a government job will do just fine thank you.

But I don't for a minute think that the job that I will be getting will last until my retirement (such as it is). I think that ongoing scrambling is going to the norm for the future. The rate of change in our society and our economy is going to be staggering. To expect that you will quietly reside in a grey-flannel suit job is wishful thinking of the highest order.

Keep flexible folks, pay attention and keep your wits about you. be prepared to make jumps. Do not always plan for a huge change and a huge jump, but be equally prepared for a series of small, tactical jumps to keep you safe and thriving.

The trouble with change is no one knows how it is going to come at you.

Be careful out there

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Mayberry said...

Been there, done that. I had to "downgrade" my expectations. And I do work for the government, ha ha! Texas Parks and Wildlife to be exact. Great job, great bennies, low stress, lots of time off. The pay sucks, but I'm living simpler so that's ok. I'm lookin' to live even more simply than I do now, and I'll actually be able to rat hole a decent amount of cash once I have a comfortable level of prepping done. And if nothing happens, I'll have a retirement when I'm 56. Not too shabby in today's job market.