Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gust Front

Just spent some time reading a post from Mayberry where he legitimately talks about his sense of foreboding.  I think that where we are in the process of breakdown is similar to the meteorological term "gust front".  It is that point in time where there is a lot of gusty winds whipping about in front of a main storm.  When I was growing up in Utah, we always knew a storm was gonna hit soon when the wind started going all different ways and we could "smell the salt".

I understand completely where he is coming from.  The little man whom he speaks of in his post has been talking with me for quite a long time now.  Sometimes he makes a lot of sense, but he doesn't live in the same world of kids, family, and community that I live in.  He says to me "run for it now, get thee to the hills".  Hell, if I were solo, I would probably listen to him.  But, I think that a better example would be my Grandpa.  When he "smelled the salt", he would just patiently start buttoning up the work that he was doing, getting ready to get the equipment out of the rain.  That is what I am doing with my preps, getting the equipment out of the rain so that I will be able to use it later.

I guess that I am different from a lot of the folks on this ring of blogs.  I am not planning to go anywhere except in the extreme case that I am forced (against my will and probably at gunpoint) to go refugee.   I am a product of my world.  I actually feel a sense of responsibility for what will be happening here.  So I will stay here and work to ameliorate the problems.  Hell folks, there is a working society in Sadr City.  It is dangerous, but it is a society.  We can at least do that well.   

Interregnums are tricky things, but I honestly feel that a new society will spring out of the wreckage.  It isn't going to be easy, it will probably be dangerous, and it will take more work that we can imagine, but it is a job worth doing.  I would have my sons and grandsons  believe that I tried to fix things, even if I fail.

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Anonymous said...

Lurker here,

Bingo, you nailed it.

Do you read Charles Hugh Smith? Google him, excellent stuff in this vein.

There won't be a crash, just a slow slide to scarcity, inefficiency, and decay of government services.

Also, google Archdruid.

There's no running away, just stay and make the best of it.