Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Probably the most important part of prepping is the development of a good attitude. Now a lot of you are going to shake your head and mutter softly "he has finally lost it", but hear me out.

Preppers have a tendency of being "Old Testament", where the Lord smites the wicked and brings harsh justice to the transgressors. Don't get me wrong, I myself find a great deal of pleasure in this aspect of the issue. Nothing would please me more than seeing a whole buttload of CEO's and hedge fund managers strung up on regularly spaced trees. I think that seeing a bunch of morons lose their SUV's and being kicked out of the house where they lied for the loan would be enormously satisfying.

But if we are going to move past the unraveling, we are going to have to develop a more "New Testament" attitude. We are going to need to figure out how to set up a system where we care for the poor and the crippled and the old. We have to start living by the idea of "sufficient unto the day", and realizing that one can't buy heaven.

The cult of the material must be rejected. Keeping score by the amount of stuff a person owns instead of the content of that persons character must be abandoned.

Maybe it is time to start thinking about becoming adult society.

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Patricia said...

Great blog--I've enjoyed reading your posts. Lot of good insights and food for thought. Thank you.