Monday, June 2, 2008

Making due

One of the day to day issues that folks are going to have to deal with is diet. Let's face facts folks, our love affair with meat is probably going to come to a tear-filled end soon. I am really going to be sad when it gets priced out of the range appropriate to a pound or so a day.

Breakfast is bacon or sausage, eggs. Lunch is a sandwich with a big old bunch of meat and cheese. Dinner is roast beef or pork or chicken. God, I can go on for hours about my favorite meat dishes.

Raising meat is expensive. It takes a buttload of perfectly good resources to grow up a steer to slaughter weight. It takes huge amounts of fossil fuels to grow the corn that we use to feed them, Transporting and frozen storage burn through energy like nobody's business. Maintaining stock in a store is difficult. We just ate that much meat because the whole damn country was that rich.

I hold no truck with the animal rights types. If a critter is prey-eat it. They have no fucking rights and if some puke tries to tell me otherwise I usually start fantasizing about cannibalism. My issue here is that the energy inputs required to maintain our current level of meat production and that our current levels consumption is not sustainable.

This will lead to a lot of other issues that folks don't usually think about. Leather goods will start becoming a lot more expensive. If you are an adult, buy some high quality shoes/boots that can be resoled. The cost of fertilizer in a lot of farms will go up, as the shit from the feedlots starts to decrease.

In real terms we will probably be more healthy. We (I) really do each too much meat. We need more greens and raw foods in our diet. We need to eat lower on the food chain. We will be better for this.

But I for one will always long for a good, well-marbled ribeye.

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Mayberry said...

In the short term, yes this will happen, and it will suck. I'm a confirmed carnivore. But after the collapse, there will be beef critters on the loose/ and or available for trade. Venison is mighty tasty too. Texas is polluted with deer, and I'll just have to do my best to reduce their numbers!