Thursday, June 26, 2008

Man, I would just love to hear some good news

The fact that I write for this blog shows that I think that the world is heading the wrong direction. I prep to get through the mess to the other side where we start rebuilding.

But the truth of the matter, I am really getting sick of this "death by a thousand cuts" routine that we are being treated to. I wish that either the world would pull its shit together or fall apart.

I hope for the "pull its shit together scenario" as using the preps we have in the manner we plan will be a lot less than fun. But, thus far, it doesn't seem that the world gives a shit about my opinion. So I guess that it will be "carry on" for a bit yet.

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Mayberry said...

Wouldn't we all. But the reason we don't is because there ain't any. We will continue our "death by a thousand cuts" as the ruling elite drag us all dow, kicking and screaming, as they try to squeeze every last ounce from what's left of the great Ponzi scheme. The only way to avoid the agony for the most part is to bug out now. Sell off everything, get your retreat, go off grid, grow/ kill your own food, then sit back and watch the world fall apart at the seams. Hope that cheered you up.