Monday, June 9, 2008

Sealing Stuff

I have two means of sealing stuff for storage.

A pre-TEOTWAWKI Sealer from Cabelas and a

post-TEOTWAWKI sealer from Pioneering Concepts.

Now, as much as anything these two gizmo's show just how conflicted I am about the SHTF. I for one, am praying that all of my preps will lie useless in the basement, to be thrown away in disgust in ten or so years with me muttering "what a waste of money". I just tend to think that I am going to have to use them.

The Cabela's sealer is a dream. I have a buttload of bags and it really simplifies the ability to stash stuff away on the mornings when I do my preps. It is quick and easy to use, but it takes up a lot of space, burns power, and uses specialized bags. Great while you can use it, shiny, sheen, and great to show off, but useless in a pinch.

The Pump-n-Seal is small, manually powered, and takes some time. It only has one moving part and requires one consumable part that is very cheap. You seal things in bottles so there are no specialized bags.

So in a way, this post is to remind you to look at your preps and your life. It is all right to have some wretched excess in your life, but recognize it for what it is and have a practical backup in place for the (rapidly increasing) chance you are going to need it.

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