Friday, June 27, 2008

These crooked bastards

I was reading Der Spiegel and this caught my eye.
Under its bylaws, the IMF is charged with the supervision of the international monetary system. Roughly two-thirds of IMF members -- but never the United States -- have already endured this painful procedure.

For seven years, US President George W. Bush refused to allow the IMF to conduct its assessment. Even now, he has only given the IMF board his consent under one important condition. The review can begin in Bush's last year in office, but it may not be completed until he has left the White House. This is bad news for the Fed chairman.

So, Georgie the Puke wants to well clear when a disinterested party shows what a greedy, corrupt administration he has run...can't say as a blame him. Move over James Buchanan, there is now a new all time worst American President.

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Bustednuckles said...

What a forking joke this guy has been. I re read that twice.
WTF? The guy is a criminal and everybody knows it but it is like he has every mothers son who could say anything bad about him hostage!

I am being as nice as I can because I have a hate going on for that bastard that will only die when I do and a dirty mouth to match, sorry, I ain't ready to make nice as they say.