Monday, June 23, 2008

We just took more than out fair share

I read the papers and I see “Peak This” and “Peak That”. I am really starting to to think that the work “Peak” is the politically correct rephrasing of what my my mother used to say to me. “You greedy little shit, you ate it all, now what will your sisters eat?”

There are people who say there is no peak oil. I find them to be almost tragic. Usually it is folks like my two brother in laws, mindless “Republican” morons who have found an intellectual home in a NeoCon vision of government repressing the people while handing the keys to Fort Knox to big business. They are trying to shovel as much into their greedy little maws as they can. They just can’t imagine for a minute that the party will stop.

But it appears that the number of folks on the planet, coupled with the rampant greed, is going to lend itself to quite a show. Consider this article:

This just adds another layer of complexity onto a world that is rapidly spinning out of control. Peak oil is here. Peak natural gas is close behind and that will have huge impacts on agriculture due to the fact that natural gas is the main feedstock for commercial fertilizers. All of the other critical materials are running short.

In other words, you had better work on your garden and your preps. Keep your wits about you and know the lay of the land. The current system is running out of it’s critical inputs, and when one of these inputs goes critical, the consequences will be a world that is a lot different than what we are currently used to.

Pay attention, risk is high.

PS: This is unrelated, but I just read this article and think that you all ought to take a look at it. Remember above all, your fellow man is as much a part of you as anything else around you...remember to be kind to folks if you can. Give to that local food bank, buy a bum a drink, tip your bartender.

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Mayberry said...

The ignorance and arrogance of some folks is beyond belief. They just can't fathom the idea that things are finite, and assume Big Brother will take care of it. Sheesh.