Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I think that the degree of frugality and adaptability that you practice during the next while will be an excellent barometer for how well you will do during the collapse. It won't be certain, but it will show you where you are when it comes to accepting change.

Let me tell you where this came from. On Mondays, I work in the food bank in a church downtown. I prep the packages that the ladies give away. What I have been amazed at is the quality of the food we give away, yesterday there were seven or eight crates of fresh vegetables, freezers of organic chickens and meat, bags and bags of day old bagels, pies, and baked goods. The food we were giving away probably looked better than my refrigerator.

The more traditional bums were the best. They came in for their food, were polite, and seemed generally grateful for the food. Of course some of them were crazier than loons, but they were very polite and grateful loons.

The first thing that surprised me is how some of the folks came in with the attitude of "I can't eat that" when they were presented with a fresh mango instead of the more traditional apple. One of the folks even looked askance at a frozen chicken, asking if we had any fresh meat.

The 30-40 year old women seemed to be the worst. They had the idea that food allergies were the silent killers, making their families and children sick. No wheat bread was wanted, don't you have spelt? We prefer organic vegetables and fruit please. If this was a single incidence, I would not have noted it, but it happened frequently enough that when I asked the folks who have worked there forever, they told me that it was a pretty recent phenomenon.

So here is the moral of the story. I think that it is time for everyone to go back to the menu that served my family for generations. It was a two item menu, take it or leave it. We had better get handy with dealing what is put in front of us, no specials, no whining, and taking it with gratitude. We don't always get what we want, deal with what you have. No prep is perfect, try to get enough and don't sweat it.

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Mayberry said...

This is not surprising at all, and it stems from the "Me" society we have now. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks he's entitled to get anything he wants, any way he wants, any time he wants. People are largely ungrateful, selfish, mean spirited pieces of shit. Oh well, it's that kind of person that'll get shipped off to the FEMA camps when it all hits the fan.